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100% Canadian Based

Through SRC, you can offer your customers exceptional service and value. In fact, our standard monitoring price covers many features that others charge extra for.

As an independent verified full-service provider, SRC meets or exceeds Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada’s stringent standards for security monitoring of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Our monitoring services include:

  • Supervisory Signals
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • Medical Alarms
  • Video Monitoring

In 2020, Security Response Center became the first wholesale monitoring center in Canada to achieve the highest level of integration with SRC currently supports the following Features & Integrations with

  • Cancel/Verify – Customers can quickly decide whether the alarm was an accident or if help is needed, allowing for faster notifications to the monitoring station.
  • Crash & Smash – With Crash & Smash Protection by, your customers can rest assured that if the panel is damaged, Security Response Center will still be notified immediately.
  • In-App Panel Panic – If a customer cannot go to the panel or call 9-1-1, they can send a panic signal from the Customer app.
  • Two-Way Voice – In the event of an alarm, the voice-enabled wireless radio integrated with their security system will immediately establish a two-way voice session with SRC Operators, all without the need for a traditional telephone connection.
  • Visual Verification (Video and Images)
  • Account Information Updates – Any updates to account information using the Partner Portal or Web Services are automatically updated within SRC’s monitoring platform.
  • Emergency Contact Management – When customers update their emergency contact information on the Mobile App or Customer Website, the information is automatically updated within SRC’s monitoring platform.
  • Sensor Walk Test by Technician – SRC Dealers can independently perform and verify Sensor Activity Monitoring, ensure that signals are forwarded successfully to the monitoring station, and ensure signals are received at the monitoring station using the Partner Portal or MobileTech.
  • System On/Off Test by Customer – Customers can also place the system On/Off test at SRC using the Customer app.
  • System On/Off Test by Technician – SRC Dealers can place a system On/Off Test at SRC using the Partner Portal or MobileTech.
  • Zone Synchronization – Zone Sync passes data through and updates records whenever changes are made to an account’s zones. This creates a seamless synchronization of information between and SRC’s monitoring platform. This process includes Zone IDs, descriptions, and dispatch codes (optional).

By implementing and supporting the features and integrations from, SRC Dealers can offer powerful features to enhance their customer’s experience and to increase the efficiency of their business’s efficiency. Contact us today to get started with SRC &!

CHeKT Video Verification

For years security companies have installed alarm systems & surveillance systems in the same location but creating a video monitoring solution for the client has been expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to maintain. The Visual Verification Bridge eliminates those challenges for integrators, gives the SRC operator a rich video monitoring portal and the client an effective security solution.

Features of the Visual Verification Bridge:

  • A Universal Video Module compatible with all alarm panels or a Stand-alone Video Alarm System
  • Only creates video events when the alarm panel is armed.
  • Create alarm & video events with any alarm zone, relay input, or camera analytics.
  • Camera agnostic and uses the ONVIF standard for video integration.
  • Provides alarm center operators with live video and Pre / Post alarm video from all paired cameras.
  • Audio Output over IP or a physical audio jack for broadcasting messages locally.
  • Controllable Relay for Central Station and Dealer.
  • Network plug-n-play & no Port-Forwarding required.
  • As an IP communicator, the Bridge can operate independently of an alarm panel.
  • Use multiple Bridges at the same site for greater visual awareness.
  • The Bridge can be remotely programmed and managed with dealer driven credentials.
  • The Integrator and Central Station can live view all paired cameras.
  • All data connections and video from the premises to Security Response Center are encrypted with SSL/TLS.
  • The Bridge communicates over IP communicator into SRC’s monitoring platform.
  • Contact ID Supervisory and Trouble codes sent to SRC to monitor video health.

The CHeKT Dealer Portal gives integrators a platform to manage all their connected devices. All installed cameras and Bridge(s) can be managed remotely without the need to port-forward a single device. Traditional alarm zones and sensors become IoT devices, providing dealers with the tools they need to scale into small and large deployments. All devices have real-time “Health Monitoring” statistics, giving SRC Dealers peace of mind, knowing that the visual verification services sold to a client are operational.

Contact SRC to see how CHeKT can help “Bridge” the gap between security and video!


RSPNDR is an Alarm Response Marketplace and was built to make the alarm response industry easier and faster. RSPNDR saw a need in the industry and made it their mission to simplify the process for all key stakeholders while keeping customers’ safety and peace of mind the priority.

By automating the alarm dispatch process, RSPNDR makes the alarm event immediately available for any guard company’s responder within the vicinity of the customer premise to respond. This “one to many” marketplace model reduces alarm response times dramatically.

How it Works:

STEP 1 – Alarm Triggered
Security Response Center is notified when an alarm is activated at a location.

STEP 2 – Alarm Dispatched to RSPNDR Marketplace
Security Response Center is integrated with RSPNDR can dispatch an alarm automatically.

STEP 3 – Nearest Responder accepts the alarm in the app
When the alarm enters the marketplace, the nearest Responder to the address will accept the alarm. Security Response Center can track the progress of the incident on the RSPNDR Portal.

STEP 4 – Responder finishes investigation and submits report through the app
Responder fills out a detailed incident report through the app. The report is available in real time on RSPNDR portal with Responder details and time stamps.

STEP 5 – Site Secure
The site is secure within minutes with RSPNDR platform with 50% faster response times than the industry standard.

RSPNDR and SRC bring alarm response into the 21st Century. Contact SRC to get started with RSPNDR!


With more than 30 years of experience and more than 96 million signals processed a day, AlarmNet offers your business anytime, anywhere web and mobile control over programming, troubleshooting, account management and more!

Features of AlarmNet:

  • Alarm Delivery – 24/7 uninterrupted alarm delivery sends signals to central stations in a uniform standardized format
  • Supervision – monitoring and maintaining the connectivity between the network and communicators identifies failures faster
  • Remote Services – app-based user access allows homeowners added awareness and control of their home’s and system’s environment

More than an app or a site, the AlarmNet 360 platform is a business management platform that can help you drive revenue, increase RMR and optimize operational efficiency. You can gain valuable insights into your business and new opportunities to serve your customers!

Contact us today to get started with SRC and AlarmNet.

Additional Partners

Value Added Service

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to offer your customers the highest standards in monitoring services. Our technical resources and experience mean we can offer dealers the broadest range of personalized and valued-added services. Through detailed reporting and technical support, our dealers can help solve a variety of system management problems.

SRC services include:

    • Customized reporting – hourly, daily, weekly depending on your customer’s needs
    • Direct billing to customers or dealer billing
    • 24-hour access to customer activity information
    • SRC technical advisory service
    • No cost dealer access to Bold Manitou via BoldNet and BoldNet Mobile to review account information.

SRC offers custom-designed facilities for unsurpassed service

Inside the Security Response Center, you’ll find a custom-designed facility well-equipped to ensure service reliability and customer data protection. Features like dual redundant file servers, parallel communications networks, uninterruptible power supplies and controlled access help our team provide the highest standards in monitoring services. Through our advanced signal testing technology, we can identify a system malfunction before the customers know something is wrong.

We hold fast to our commitment to stay at the forefront of technology. We have implemented virtually every standard in signal receiving services now in use – including Gsm, Internet communications, GPS, Video, Audio, SMS, Email, ODBC database, FTP, TCP, GPRS, RSS, UDP, and simple files into event monitoring. As technology continues to evolve, we’ll be there helping to lead the way.