SRC is the #1 choice for independent alarm dealers.

We started with SRC about 25 years ago, and we’re still here with 100% of our monitored customers; and we’re very happy. Whenever an occasional issue arises, it is handled quickly and professionally.
– Rob Olsen, 
H & B Security Centre

SRC has fulfilled every expectation – both ours and our customers. We have clients from Saskatoon to Stratford Ontario, and SRC’s responses and professional attitude are quick and consistent across the board. The operators are always helpful, often going beyond the call of duty to help resolve any issues and answer any questions.
– Abtron Automation Inc.

Burglar Guard Ltd., has worked with Security Response Center for over 25 years. Our long-standing partnership is based on a strong working relationship built on professionalism, reliability and trust. We at Burglar Guard know that we can count on Security Response Center to keep our clients safe, secure and relaxed.
– Brian Van Veen, Owner, Burglar Guard Ltd.

Our partnerships are based on reliability and trust.

At ISW Systems, we are 100% satisfied with the team at Security Response Center. We’ve had other monitoring companies approach us offering us lower rates and other promises, but in this industry, we know that it is Service, Reliability and Building Relationships with people that make us successful. SRC has consistently provided us with those key elements for over 10 years. We know our customers alarm signals are in good hands with this team.
– Rick Varro, Vice President
, ISW Systems

SRC has been monitoring my accounts for more than 20 years. My company is relatively small yet my customers and I have been treated with dignity and respect at all times. The staff from top to bottom have a culture of treating people well and this shows up in the services that SRC provides.
– Nick Stevens, 
Stevens Electrical Systems

Security Response Center fulfills our need to provide an excellent monitoring service for our clients. Year after year, our customers have received prompt, courteous, and the correct service without fail.– Jon Gibbons, President 
Everguard Security, Trenton, ON

When I had provided subcontracting services to other alarm installation companies, I had the opportunity to deal with a number of monitoring stations. That opportunity demonstrated that the manner in which the tasks are handled by Security Response Center are more efficient than the other stations. Protocols are clear for us dealers and their staff is very professional.
– Lawrence Debono, Secure Mode Electronics Inc. Guelph ON

We provide excellent monitoring service for our clients.

The reasons we recommend the Security Response Centre:

  • There is stability in the monitoring staff. We have been talking to the some of the same people for years.
  • Staff are well trained and effectively carry out the wishes of the customer in dealing with alarms.
  • Staff use common sense.
  • Computer programs are excellent so that the staff are able to get exactly the instructions and information, they need to carry out the wishes of the customer.

They have a track record of consistently doing exactly what the customer expects when dealing with an alarm emergency.

– W.T.David Cross, W.B.CROSS CO Limited Nobleton, ON